We create themes & plugins for WordPress Site Builders and Developers!

We're still working on our initial products and new website, but here is a quick preview of what we're working on.

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What We're Working On

  • Introducing Butler

    The framework that powers our themes and plugins.


    The options component allows you to easily add custom options (text, textarea, list, image, gallery, etc) to any of your content types. This makes it incredibly easy to extend any of our base plugins to your clients specific requirements.

    Custom Post Types

    The CPT component makes adding custom post types a breeze. Just two lines of code and your good to go. Need to create a custom taxonomy? No problem! Everything can be customized directly from your child themes functions.php.

    Meta Boxes

    Whether on existing content types, or custom post types you've added, using our meta component is the quickest way to add custom meta boxes to WordPress content types. Meta boxes you create can be used with the options component.

  • WordPress Themes

    Some of the first themes we're working on.


    Canva is the blank canvas on which all our themes are based and is the perfect base to implement your own designs on.


    As the name suggests, Foodie is aimed at Food Bloggers to share their recipes and food adventures with the world.


    Spark is our first business orientated theme, aimed at small businesses. It has a clean design and utilizes our Testimonials plugin.

  • WordPress Plugins

    Some of the first plugins we're working on.


    The companion app for our Foodie theme, Recipes provides you with a clean interface to manage your recipes.


    Drag and drop uploads, clean interface, powerful responsive grid and just enough options to create an awesome image gallery.


    Showcase your customer or client testimonials in style. Simple base, but really easy to extend using our Butler Framework.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Extendible Code vs Options

We're building our themes and plugins with as few options possible, and are rather focusing on making all our products really easy to override or extend from your child theme. Need to make something configurable for your client? We've got you covered with our Options Framework!

Features as Plugins

We're taking a slightly different approach to building our themes. Rather than stuffing them with features you'll never use, we're keeping them lean and mean. All the extra functionality you'd come to expect in a theme, is available via our Hub plugin, keeping the functionality separate from the theme.

Best Practices

We follow the best practices laid out for WordPress theme and plugin development, to make sure that it's really easy for developers to get started with our products. This includes how we handle template overrides, code formating, the way we right our code and even how we license our products.

Who We're Targeting

Who We're Targeting

We're building products for a very specific type of WordPress user. The people who build WordPress websites for a living. Those who don't shy away from code, but prefer it.

If you're looking for a point-and-click solution, you've come to the wrong place. While our products are easy to use, you won't find a ton of configuration and customization options. Everything is customizable, from the code.

From our Blog

From our pre-launch blog

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